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Encounter J.High is for students in grades 7-8. When a student attends our ministry, we want them to feel safe and know that they are loved and matter to us and to God. As a gospel-centered ministry, we ensure that regardless of the sermon topic, it always concludes with a clear, gospel presentation and invitation to accept Christ as your personal Savior.

This emphasis on the gospel of Jesus Christ has resulted in hundreds of students accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior in the past few years, as students in J.High are in a unique stage where they begin realizing that they need to make their parents’ faith their own and are extremely open to responding to the gospel.


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Celebrate. Connect. Contribute.

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Every Sunday morning at 9 and 10:30, students come directly to the Student Center for J.High Worship.

This student-focused, large group service features live worship, a relevant, biblical message designed just for students, and small group discussion.

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Current Sermon Series


A Day In The Life Of Gideon

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  • 6/7: Worship 100
  • 6/14: 100 Doubts
  • 6/21: 100 Actions
  • 6/28: 100 Victories
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